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QEF Plant Study Sites and Trails - Objectives (中文版)
Through the collaboration with secondary school teachers and students in information technology and in biology, under the coordination of the project team, this project aims at:
(a) establishing 'QEF Plant Study Sites 優質教育基金植物研習點' and 'QEF Plant Study Trails 優質教育基金植物徑', in different parts of the Hong Kong S.A.R.
(b) attracting or encouraging students to explore deeper and broader into local flora and vegetation beyond those covered in schools
(c) giving students the satisfaction of achievement through regular and extra-curricular activities, such as researches into local flora and vegetation and innovative designs of webpages
(d) providing the basis for exploration for applying the materials learnt to career development, so as to mobilize students to eventually contribute to the targeted industries in Hong Kong (e.g. information technology, ecotourism, and exploitation of natural resources for health foods and therapeutic agents)
(e) documenting the plants and vegetation at the Sites and along the Trails and serving as the basis for future in situ documentation on the vegetation changes with time
(f) offering support to ecotourism industry

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