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40th Anniversary, CUHK
Flower talks

QEF Plant Study Site No. 3 - CUHK Campus
優質教育基金 三號植物研習點 - 香港中文大學

The third site chosen as a Quality Education Fund Plant Study Site is the campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

CUHK was founded in 1963. Its campus occupies 134-hectares along the southwest shore of Tolo Harbor, just north of Shatin. It is the largest and the most beautiful university campus in Hong Kong, with a panoramic view of the bay and several mountains including Ma On Shan and Pat Sin Leng. The campus is carefully landscaped, with many natural and ornamental plants.

We have developed continuous flash images of the beautiful landscapes on the campus and placed them on this website. Plants appearing in the flash images are marked with sensitive points which, when hit, would provide the names of the corresponding plants. Students and tourists are invited to use this site as a virtual field trip or virtual ecotour and learn about the plants here.

Relevant old photos and literary works are also kept on our website to enrich your enjoyment of this site. Should you wish to donate the image of any such photos and know of information on relevant works concerning CUHK campus, kindly forward them to us at < >.

CUHK can be reached by train or by bus No. 70, 70A, 72, 72A, 73A, 74A, 87K, 272K, 287K or 289K.

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