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QEF Plant Study Trail No.1 - Victoria Peak
優質教育基金 一號植物研習徑 - 太平山山頂

The first trail chosen as a Quality Education Fund Plant Study Trail is the loop formed by Lugard Road and Harlech Road at Victoria Peak.

Plant Photo Plant Photo Plant Photo Plant Photo Plant Photo

On either sides of the two roads are lush vegetation, formed by a rich collection of over 400 species of vascular plants. We have developed continuous flash images of the vegetation along the Trail and placed them on this website. Plants appearing in the flash images are marked with sensitive points which, when hit, would provide the names of the corresponding plants. Some of the flash images also give the panoramic views of the harbour and surrounding scenery. It is hoped that this Trail can be used as a virtual field trip or virtual ecotour, and that students and tourists, through pocket computers or even mobile phones, may make use of the flash images and plant information on this website to enrich their actual field trips and tours.

A satellite image of Victoria Peak is available at google-satellite-maps. Relevant old photos and literary works are also kept on our website to enrich your enjoyment of this Trail. Indeed, we plan to slowly turn this website into an archive for Lugard Road and Harlech Road. Should you wish to donate the image of any such photos and have information on relevant works concerning them, kindly forward them to us at < >.

You are encouraged to actually visit this Trail. It is next to the Peak Tower. It can be reached by tram at the tram terminal on Garden Road, by bus No. 15 at Exchange Square or No. 15B (during weekends and holidays) at Tin Hau MTR Station, by minibus No. 1 nearby Edinburgh Square, by car or taxi, and by hiking.

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