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Victoria Peak - Literary Works

The Peak
Gillingham, Paul (1983) At the Peak.
Hong Kong, Macmillan Publishers Ltd, pp. 17-28.

- Before she arose to the Peak
Matilda was timid and meek,
But now she offends
Her Bowen Road friends
With a smile that is cutting and bleak. more...
- The Peak area was the most beautiful in Hong Kong. A publicity booklet of 1924 described it as having "the appearance of public grounds. more...
It was claimed at the time that reserving the Peak for Europeans had nothing to do with racial discrimination. more...

A Retreat of the Elite
Wiltshire, Trea (1991) Hong Kong – Last Prize of empire.
Hong Kong, FormAsia Books Ltd, pp. 52-54

- Life at the top of Victoria's scenic Peak became an attractive and practical alternative with the opening in 1888 of the Park Tram. more...

Hong Kong Then & Now
Anonymous (1982) Hong Kong Then & Now.
Hong Kong, South China Morning Post Publication Division 11, pp. 155-166.

- In fact in the beginning, people could not even be persuaded to live on the Peak for dwelling up on the heights was considered even less healthy than down below. "It needed doughty pioneers among the British residents," more...

Hong Kong

Ingrams, Harold (1952) Hong Kong.
London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, pp. 44-48.

- Hong Kong is one of those places with a vantage point from which one can easily take in basic geographical facts. Eighteen hundred feet is, to be sure, not a very impressive height in itself, but, with its steep northern slope so close to the great city, more...

Wordie, Jason (2002) Streets – Exploring Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, pp. 91-97.

- Peak Tram Terminus, Victoria Gap
- Peak Galleria
- Peak Lookout


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