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Euphorbiaceae (大戟科)
- wide ranges of growth forms: including succulents, herbs, shrubs and trees.
- a special type of inflorescence, the cyathia as found in poinsettia.
- about 100 species in Hong Kong (complete list)
- economic application: rubber from Hevea, tapioca from Manihot, castor oil from Ricinus , tung oil from Vernicia , myrobalan from Phyllanthus, herbal medicine from Sauropus , ornamentals from Codiaeum , and poisons from Croton .
- improper use of Euphorbiaceae plants can be hazardous to health .
- to identify local Euphorbiaceae plants, please try this polyclave.
- to retrieve information on local Euphorbiaceae plants, please try this search.
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