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What is a Flora?Links

A Flora refers to one of the following two subjects.

First, a flora of a particular place refers to all the plants of that place. It constitutes the plant biodiversity and resources of that place.

Second, it refers to a monograph or book on the plants of a particular place, e.g. Flora Hongkongensis and Flora of China.

  - A typical Flora would, for each plant, include its scientific name, description of the vegetative and reproductive features, and keys and illustrations to facilitate plant identification.
  - It may also contain information on local and worldwide distribution, habitat, flowering and fruiting months, and economic uses. Most of these books focus on seed plants or vascular plants.
  - Those that focus on more specific groups would use a more descriptive term, e.g., Bryoflora of China which is a Flora for the bryophytes in China.

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