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40th Anniversary, CUHK
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Cheirostylis clibborndyeri S. Y. Hu & Barretto

This small orchid grows on mossy damp rock, in shade of forest trees along the sides of swift flowing streams, at elevations of about 400 metres. The simple structure of the lip with no callus or front lobes is very different from all the species of Cheirostylis in our area. Some orchidologists may consider this structure of generic significance. However, we feel that the vegetative structure, the floweing time, the inflorescence, the tubular calyx, the column, the lateral stigmas and the rostellum are of the general pattern shared by every species of Cheirstylis in this area. On account of the differences in the lip, evidently we have two sections in the genus Cheirostylis in Hongkong.

This species is named for Ronald Clibborn-Dyer, a member of the Native Orchid Group. His collections and coloured photographs have advanced our knowledge on the distribution of Hong Kong orchids.

New Species Found in Hong Kong by our team
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