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40th Anniversary, CUHK
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Cirrhopetalum tseanum S. Y. Hu & Barretto

We are very grateful to Peter Taylor, and his associate, J. Wood, who spent many hours going through the literature and collections at Kew, on the identification of this species. The conclusion they reached is that the orchid appears to be undescribed. Their view is that it is closely related to Bulbophyllum morotaiense J. J. Smith, on floral characters, but this species has smaller leaves and is from the Moluccas. In addition to geographical separation, the floral parts of the two species differ proportionately. In Smith's species the odd sepal is 7-8 mm. long, and the lateral sepals are 13-17 mm. long, while in C. tseanum the odd sepal is 5 mm. long, and the lateral sepals are 18-20 mm. long.

This orchid was discovered in 1974 and transplanted to his garden by Tse Shing Chee. It flowered in March this year. It is named for its discoverer.

New Species Found in Hong Kong by our team
(A section added to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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