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40th Anniversary, CUHK
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Dendrocalamus pulverulentus Chia & But

A new species was discovered in our study on the bamboos of Hong Kong. It has short-necked pachymorph rhizomes, forming dense tufts. Its culms are densely covered with fine white waxy powder, with long pendulous tips but no branches at lower nodes. The culm-sheaths are densely covered with brown hairs and white waxy powder on the outer surface, each bearing two minute or sometimes undeveloped sheath-auricles, a low ligule, and a lanceolate, outwardly spreading sheath-blade. Tertiary nerves on the lower surface of the leaf-blades form distinct tessellations. This combination of characters, even in the absense of spikelets, clearly indicates that the bamboo is a member of the genus Dendrocalamus, probably closely related to D. minor (McClure) Chia & H. L. Fung.

New Species Found in Hong Kong by our team
(A section added to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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