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40th Anniversary, CUHK
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Malaxis allanii S. Y. Hu & Barretto

In April, 1969, Dr. W. G. L. Allan found a species of Malaxis in a gorge in the Repulse Bay area. A specimen was sent to the Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for identification. The name given was "Malaxis sp. near to M. calophylla (Reichb. f.) O. Ktze." (Sir George Taylor, in lit., January 14, 1970). According to Holttum (Flora of Malaya 1:195. 1953) Malaxis calophylla has a flower pale pink or pink and cream, with the upper sepal 3.5 mm long, the lateral sepals 2.5 mm. long and 1 mm. wide, and the lip 3 mm. long with 2 teeth at the pointed apex. In contrast the Hong Kong material has a flower with a much larger shield-like lip, round and retuse at the apex, measuring 9-11 mm. long, 7-8 mm. wide, yellowish green turning bright maroon with age, the odd sepal 9-10 mm. long, and the lateral sepals 5-7 mm. long, 2-3 mm. wide, with the margin curved backward. These characters are sufficiently distinct to warrant a specific rank and the orchid is named for its discoverer.

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