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40th Anniversary, CUHK
Flower talks
Executive Team Member
  Ping MA (馬平)
Address: Room 410, East Block, Science Centre, CUHK
Phone: (852) 2609-6289
1977 - 1982 B.Sc., Inner Mongolia University.
1989 - 2005 Research assistant, CUHK
1982 - 2002 Teaching & research staff, Inner Mongolia University.
1976 - 1977 Teaching assistant & research Staff, Inner Mongolia University.
    Professional Qualification
1993 Senior Laboratory Technologist
1) But PPH, Ma P. (1995) Pharmacognostical study of a counterfeit Cordyceps retailed in Hong Kong. Journal of Chinese Medicine (Taipei) 6: 259-264.
2) Zhang L, Ma P, Chu LM, But PPH (2003) Three modes of asexual reproduction in the moss Octoblepharum albidum. Journal of Bryology 25: 175-179.
Plant illustrations in:
a) Flora of Hong Kong
b) Flora of inner Mongolia
c) Florae Republicae Popularis Sinicae
    Art Exhibitions
2002.09 "Art in Botanical Science", CUHK
2002.11-12 "馬平生物科學畫展", 深圳

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