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  Student Project 2: Supermarket and market plants
  S.K.H. Lam Kau Mow Secondary School - Food plant project

1)   Ms HO Sau Lai 何秀麗老師
1)   BUT Yui Hin Rex 畢睿憲
2)   PEI Cho Leong 費楚亮
3)   CHAN Hin Kwan 陳衍鈞
4)   MA Chun Kit 馬焌傑
5)   WONG Wai 王瑋
6)   YUNG Man Hon 翁文瀚
7)   CHAN Ka Yan 陳嘉恩
8)   LAM Chor Kwan 林楚君
9)   MAK Cho Kiu 麥楚翹
    Food plant project (click here to view)

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