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  Student Project 4 - Botany on Pui O Beach
  St. Paul's Co-educational College
  Students (Group 1):
  1)   Cherry Chow (6C)
  2)   Lee Benedict Chi Kay (6C)
  3)   Chow Jun Wing Dextra (6C)
  4)   Kong Shing Yam (6C)
  5)   Li Leanne Gi-ming (6C)
  6)   Fung Wai Lok (6C)
  7)   Chan Pui Kwan (6C)
  8)   Tse Pui Ying (6C)
  9)   Leung Lok Chi (6C)
  10)   Yip Siu Tung (6C)
  11)   Leung Hiu Nam (6C)
  12)   Tse Jacqueline Cheuk Kwun (6C)
  13)   Wong Dai Cheung Jonathan (6C)
  Report (Group 1):
      Botany on Pui O Beach
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