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40th Anniversary, CUHK
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Hong Kong Vegetation 160 years ago (cont'd - page 2)
Hong Kong 1820 (picture from

Granite is the prevailing rock, and it abounds every where, having in many places been extensively quarried, and was largely used in the construction of the forts on the peninsula of Lintao [Lantau]. Though the usual structure of the granite be hard and resisting, yet where it has been much exposed to the action of moisture, its colour has changed, it is easily disintegrated by the fingers, and small masses of quartz separated. The sands of the beach have this origin, and vary in fineness according to the transporting influence of the water. Towards high water mark it is often as coarse as gravel , and thence gradually increases in fineness, towards the line of low water, till it becomes a fine sand. Basaltic trap is not uncommon, and on the rocks skirting the bay of Tcha-Tchu [Stanley], I observed a vertical dyke of basalt, of about ten inches breadth, traversing the granite. In a small bay on the northern shore I saw a quantity of pumice strewed near the beach, beyond the usual influence of the tides.

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