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Vegetation analysis method
A) Line transect

    This method uses a rope marked at 0.5 or 1 m intervals. The rope is placed straight along a selected vegetation community, and is often used to study the transition of plants along an environmental gradient.

    From one end of the transect to another end, the presence of plants is noted at suitable intervals along the transect. This interval maybe adjusted to suit the communities to be studied. For example, in dense vegetation only those plants touching the line at the 1 m markers are noted, whereas in less dense vegetation only those touching the line at 0.5 m markers. In extreme cases, such as those with spare vegetation, every plant touching the line will be recorded.

    The height and canopy width of each plant is measured. Other parameters such as diameter of the trunk at breast-height and level of first branchings maybe noted, depending on the aims of the study.

    The plants recorded are to be mapped in a vertical profile along the environmental gradient.    More


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