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40th Anniversary, CUHK
Flower talks
Art in Botanical Science
Date: 24-27 September 2002
Venue: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Alternative Plant Mania - The Fusion of Science and Art
(??憿?璊?????????- 蝘?摮?????銵?????

Shiu-Ying Hu / Ambrose King / Paul Pui-Hay But / Ping Ma
Botanical artists Group Exhibition
Exhibits Display Both Science and Art (Ta Kung Pao)

??蝘€ ??/ ???€ ??/ ??????/ 擐?撟?br> 璊???摮???摰?雿?????撅?br> 撅???蝯???蝘?摮?????????銵???蝢?( 憭?????)

Shiu-Ying Hu / Ping Ma - Art Exhibition Displays Botanical Science (Ming Pao Daily)
??蝘€ ??/ 擐?撟? - ??銵?撅???璊???蝘?摮?( ????)

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